La Pilita Cultural Center


Spoken Futures is working to reanimate La Pilita (420 S. Main Ave., Tucson) as a community arts center focused on storytelling, memory and cultural literacy. As a focus point of Tucson’s heritage and Latino cultural expression, La Pilita is a site uniquely positioned to convene a new generation of youth poets, bilingual storytellers, researchers and dramaturges.

As the new tenant of La Pilita, we will work to create a space where youth and adults (barrio residents and members of the wider community) can engage the arts and local history.

Initial proposed programming includes weekly youth-centered poetry writing workshops, an open mic night, and a Shadow Puppetry youth ensemble in partnership with Carrillo Elementary School next door. Borderlands Theater’s Barrio Stories play would be the first in a series of “projects in residency” which would bring new energy and barrio-related content to La Pilita, through use of of the center as rehearsal and arts based meeting space.