Forming Galaxies

In the debut collection Forming Galaxies we follow Tucson poet Zack Taylor as he exits adolescence into the wider world of adulthood displayed in 19 poems.

Taylor explores what it means to grow up queer on the south side of Tucson, Arizona, in an environment where silence is too often the norm. His journey is chronicled in articulate and intimate poems, and his physical transitions are also illustrated through over four hundred artistic selfies that span the two and half years he spent writing these poems.

Zack aims to write poetry he wishes he had heard as a scared closeted 14 year-old. He hopes that people in the wider community will practice listen to each other, learn to celebrate their differences, and love themselves deeper, harder, and stronger.

Excerpts from the book available by clicking the titles below.

Released in 2015

Forming Galaxies

  1. Bed Frames
  2. First Grade Gender Norms
  3. Come From
  4. Rainwater
  5. “Are you over him yet?”
  6. Open Endings
  7. Queerness in Classrooms
  8. Proper Ways to Being White on the South Side
  9. The Roadrunner Walks
  10. For the Boy Who Held Back His Sneeze in Math Class
  11. Fish Heart
  12. Cold Showers
  13. Personal Sacrilege
  14. Bible Study
  15. Forming Galaxies
  16. Liberation Lyrics
  17. Offline
  18. South Side Graduate
  19. Ten Times I fell Victim to Love

Zack Taylor is native-Tucsonan, and southside resident that writes about queer identity, education rights, and cute boys. Zack became a regular competitor and volunteer at TYPS where he eventually won multiple slams and competed in annual championships.

Zack is the coordinator of Spoken Futures’ Kaleidoscope, an art program that serves queer and gender nonconforming youth of Tucson. Zack’s accomplishments include publishing his chapbook Forming Galaxies, presenting a workshop at the National Gathering of youth led Gay Straight Alliances, and coordinating and hosting seasonal Queer Youth Art Shows.

Zack aims to write poetry he wish he heard as a scared closeted 14 year old in hopes that people in the community will listen, celebrate our differences, and love ourselves deeper, harder, and stronger.

To reach out to Zack or Kaleidoscope (KSCOPE) email us at To keep up with Zack’s artistic journey, follow him on Instagram at @lloydzackary