Forming Galaxies

From the book Forming Galaxies by Zack Taylor

There’s a bus station inside of me.
My emotions are always on time,
but my actions are arriving later than ever.

We wander aimlessly around University Boulevard
pretending like we are college students.
Knees shaking like my 3rd grade hands when
Dad taught me how to play poker.
Growing up is a gamble.
You have nothing to bet,
but everything to lose.

The first time I got drunk
We were all just 18, just graduated.
We were drinking like it was going to be our first and last drinks
We said I love you
like we were about to be sent to war.
We said I love you
like we were already ghost.
We never were so able
to see right through each other like we did that night.
We grew up hearing the scary stories
of our battered haunted houses

We stay up late in the dorms
spewing our dreams out of reality.
I learned at a lecture once
that when galaxies form,
masses spew out of control
smashing into each other
until millions years later,
they finally find their orbit.

We’re becoming ourselves in the most
violent of ways.
Smashing into things until
we get it right.

One time, I saw a toddler on the bus
peeling off his own scab.
In all his gore and glory
he held it up in pride.
Look ma! he shows her.
It’s amazing, that any age
we find new ways to make ourselves bleed,
just to make sure we’re still human.